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Our own personal message travel trough space with SETI program

Whether there some other intelligent life form up there? If it is, how can we prove it? On the 2010 there was competition about sending our own personal message into space. For participation in this project there was an open invitation:

To enter the competition, submit your message of no more than 40 words at Entries will be accepted until February 28, with the winners being announced in March. For full details and terms and conditions, see the website.

Nearly 1000 messages received from all over the world were beamed out from BT’s Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall towards the Orion neblua at 2pm on 12 March, the first day of National Science and Engineering Week UK. It will take over 1,200 years for the messages to arrive, travelling at the speed of light.

Now all what we need to do is hoping that some one will pick that message, transalte it, understand it, and somehow respond to our grand grand grand grand grand...(x300)...grand grand grand grand son or daughter? Yeah...that's definitely going to happen...sure...

Anyhow, here's some winning entries:

Andrew, Manchester
If you've been watching our television broadcasts, I'd like to apologise for everything before and after Carl Sagan's Cosmos.
John, Preston
Two thousand years ago, we had a very enlightening visit from the Creator's Son. Has he been to visit you yet?

Seema, Elgin
Hello! If you're planning to visit our planet, please know you will need to remove all metal from your person, take your shoes off and submit to a full body scan, carry all liquids/gels/aerosols in clear plastic bottles no bigger than 3.4 oz, surrender all cigarette lighters and batteries, pack all jams and jellies (but pies can be carried on) ...oh yes, Welcome to the Earth!

Andrew, Canmore, Alberta
For sale or trade: Several billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. All reasonable offers considered! Must pick up, can not ship.

Mrs Munro, Nottingham
Did you think YOU were alone in the universe?!

In the end, I was wondering...if the competition is not over and if you have something to say, what would it be?...

...we are humans...we where here...we destroyed our planet...

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