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The Tikal/Mars mystery

Many calling Tikal one of the most spiritually powerful spots on earth. The monumental site with its towering pyramids looms out of the thick jungle canopy like stoic sentinels of ancient mysteries.
The largest pyramid in Tikal - the most sacred monument of the ancient Mayan.
Tikal was once a wealthy metropolis of 100,000 inhabitants and the seat of power for the great Jaguar clan lords. Today, Tikal attracts archeologists from all around the globe and the wild-live surrounding the ruins makes it a naturalist's dream.
The earliest pyramids in Guatemala display exactly the same layout plan to that of a series of ruins found on another planet… Mars!
The pyramids ruins of Mars and at Tikal mirror the Pleiades stars. Note also how the Maya pyramids of Tikal match the grouping of pyramids on Mars on their own. Is this just a coincidence? There is more. Every little anomaly in the Mars image has its counterpart. The important meaning of these star maps is the 'x' that marks the spot monument. It is the most accurate correlation to date! As already suggested, the star that correlates with the ‘face’ structure only fits if we set a star atlas computer program to run back in time to an ancient epoch!
All in all, the Tikal pyramids, Pleiades star map in our sky, and the Cydonia on Mars all match.

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Power of napalm, stalactite of red brick

I was always wodering, what is the real power of napalm...there is a some interesting evidence of the consequences of use an napalm by Russsian army. The test was done inside the brick house. The temperature was so high that it made bricks to melt just like ice melts in the spring forming the icicles or stalactite in caves....
Look for yourself and adimre to the power of napalm!

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Our own personal message travel trough space with SETI program

Whether there some other intelligent life form up there? If it is, how can we prove it? On the 2010 there was competition about sending our own personal message into space. For participation in this project there was an open invitation:
To enter the competition, submit your message of no more than 40 words at Entries will be accepted until February 28, with the winners being announced in March. For full details and terms and conditions, see the website.

Nearly 1000 messages received from all over the world were beamed out from BT’s Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall towards the Orion neblua at 2pm on 12 March, the first day of National Science and Engineering Week UK. It will take over 1,200 years for the messages to arrive, travelling at the speed of light.

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Allegedly extraterrestrial life form remains foun in Peru

"Triangle-shaped ‘alien skull’ found in Peru" was the common headlines all over the world wide web, when the story about Peruvian anthropologist Renato Davila Riquelme and his remarkable discoverie appeared. Allegedly, Peruvian anthropologist has discovered what appear to be the mummified remains of an alien-like creature, including a "triangle shaped" skull nearly as big as its 20-inch-long body. There is some picture of that remain. You must admit, this is skull with very incredible.
Riquelme himself believes that this is remain of a child.
On the other hand, some Peruvian news site RPP has (conveniently anonymous) interviewed several Spanish and Russian scientists who claim the remains are actual those of an extraterrestrial, supported by the clearly "alien" skull.

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