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Flaming flying sphere over Europe?!

 In the town of Kragujevac, Serbia, Marko and Bosko Protic are on Sunday around 6:30 p.m., saw six unidentified flying objects in the sky above the city, which was recorded by Marko's camera.

An eyewitness of this unusual event, Bosko Protic, told local news that the first flaming flying object was noticed while he and his son Marko was drinking coffee on the balcony.
He said:
I thought it was a meteor, but the ball did not fall to the ground, and then continue to move horizontally. Soon appeared and other bright, flaming objects and moved over the city from west to the east. That they were under a cloud and I was unable to estimate the speed but they must have been slower than an airplane.

He said that the event in the sky above the city lasted about five minutes and then his son Marko took ​​amateur video camera and started recording.

"We are still confused by what we saw, because that definitely were not meteors or planes or helicopters", said Bosko.

"I am sure that there is an explanation that is not about aliens and spaceships, and we are really curious to find out what it actually could be", he added. 

See the recording and judge yourself:

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