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UFO Making Crop Circle Footage near Oliver’s Castle, Wiltshire, UK

On 11 August 1996, a student John Wabey recorded a short video that he claimed to have shot that morning during camping in south England at Oliver's Castle, a fort in Wiltshire. It showed a ‘snowflake’ design forming while balls of light circled overhead. Four swiftly moving light balls are clearly visible, circling above the formating crop circle.

 This clip has been taken from a detailed anaylsis of the footage. There are many features of this video which point towards its authenticity. The 1st is the fact that the camera is handheld, the luminations path are easily plottable relative to background. 2nd on a frame by frame analysis we can see that the balls are in fact constantly changing shape. 3rd, the 2nd set of lights comes into the shot from behind the tree next to the hedges, and this detail would not be picked up by regular televisions. 4th is the formation itself, which was not there on the night of the 10th when John Wabey was asking if anyone wanted to join him on his UFO hunt on the hill at the Barge Inn Pub.

Most professional videolaboratories, where the tape was examined, certify that the film is "clean" and that it is unlikely that the video was edited with computer. Computer animators in 2006 couldn't make anything that even closely resembles the authentic look of this footage, shot 10 years previously, when Windows 95 was the most exciting piece of software on the planet. It is time that the skeptical community put aside their disbelief that this phenomenon is genuinely mysterious.

The footage provoked bitter controversy among crop-circle researchers. One group insists that the crop design is man-made and the video a fake, and claims to have obtained a confession from the person who made it, while others still think that both are genuine.
There is enough evidence to show that it is impossible for humans to mimic the complexity, beauty, accuracy, geometry, scale and physical changes to the plants and soil. Who or what are these balls of light? Are they native to Earth and we simply don't see them? How can they appear to move at 100 feet a second in mid air? How can they focus microwaves so accurately to create spirals of this and greater complexity? And the big one... WHY? Why do they send us these cryptic geometric puzzles? And what can we as a species learn from them?

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