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Fantastic Projects for Easter

 Bunny Bunting
So cute! The combination of pink and white for this bunting is great but you can use other colors and patterns, too.

Button Art and Stuffed Bunnies
While the bunnies look all kinds of adorable, I will have to say that I am learning towards making the button art.

Barnyard Cuties
This barnyard trio makes a great project for Easter, but the roly-poly pals are fun to play with any time of year.

Bean Bag Bunny Craft
We've selected the Bean Bag Bunny for our feature craft for kids, but you find even more bean bag animal templates on

Bunny Ears for Kids
Keep the kids happy and hoppy this Easter with these easy-to-make bunny ears craft.

Chalkboard Pails
If your kids are going Easter egg hunting, it helps to give them the right tools.

Candy Easter Buddies Craft
These fun little critters are only a small sample of the fun creatures you can create with Hershey's candies.

Chick Centerpiece Craft
Yarn can be turned into this really cute Chick Centerpiece for your Easter table.

Cotton Ball Bunny Craft 
Sit the kids down at the table to make these soft and cuddly little bunnies just in time for Easter. A fun project that's easy enough for the little ones to join in the fun. 

Dye-ving Dudes
These hard-boiled snorkelers are fully equipped for a dip in the blue (or green or pink). For a hilarious centerpiece, display a row of the finished dudes sitting in their dye-ving tanks.

Easter Candle Holder
This is clever and cute. I love that they used very colorful decor elements for the candle holders but you can always go for monochromatic.

Easter Chicks
These are “Steiner-inspired Easter” chicks. The best part is the way that you can play with them.

Fabric Silhouettes
I am always down for craft projects that will help me deal with my unlimited pile of scrap fabrics so I had to include this in this list of projects for Easter.

Egg-Hunter's Mask
This cute, flop-eared mask doubles as a challenging impediment for wily hunters.

Easter Jewelry
Jelly beans are a versatile candy. They've been to outer space — on the space shuttle Challenger in 1983 — and artists have used thousands at a time to create bright mosaics. So why not an edible jelly bean necklace or bracelet for National Jelly Bean Day (April 22)?

Egg Topiary
These look really beautiful. In fact, they look like they can be great home decorations all year.

Flower Easter Eggs
These are total sweethearts. Not only will you be making oh-so-pretty Easter eggs, these are also very easy to make. Courtney shares: These little floral easter eggs are SO EASY to make! Seriously, you could make a dozen while watching your favorite television show and bam, you have a whole tree’s worth!

Glitter Eggs
Aren’t these pretty? If you make enough for your mantel or as a table centerpiece, you will have one elegant Easter gathering.

Hoppy Bunny Bags Craft
These Bunny Bags will bring smiles to little faces at Easter.

Lamb Placecard Craft
Let these adorable lambs help you find your place at the Easter dinner table.

Marbleized Easter Eggs
This is another project for Easter that your kids will love to do. No can can ever resist making a mess with paint. Even those who are only kids at heart love it, too.

Magazine Mini Basket
A tisket, a tasket: this colorful basket is created from strips of recycled magazines. Fill your container with shredded scrap paper for a greener take on Easter grass.

Marshmallow Bunny Craft
Who doesn't like marshmallows and the kids will love these yummy little bunnies. 

Purple Cow Egg
Courtesy of hard-boiled eggs, vibrant egg dye, a cute pipe cleaner stand, and some glued-on details (paper ears, pom-pom nose, and so on), this critter is an Easter favorite.

Egg Pedestal
Display your finest blown egg on this easy-to-make stand.

Yarn Wrapped Eggs Craft
These beautiful craft eggs will make wonderful decorations for an Easter tree and be around for years to come.

Pine Cone Shaped Easter Ornament Craft
Use small Styrofoam eggs for the centers and Easter-themed ribbon to make these beautiful Easter Eggs. So cute hanging on an Easter tree or decorating around the house.

Paper Bag Nest
Our nature-inspired Easter decoration encourages kids to head outside.

Surprise-inside Egg
An un-eggs-pected treat hides in each of these colorful orbs. On the big day, kids can hunt for them, smash them open, and enjoy. To keep the contents secret, Mom or Dad can handle the job of filling and capping. For extra fun, make a "golden" egg holding a few bucks.

Napkin Rings
I simply find the little eggs too cute for words. Their colors sure look wonderful against the dark brown of the miniature nest.

Speckled Eggs
Making speckled details used to be my go-to process for adding texture to any art project in school. If you want your Easter egg decorations to look better than plain, this is a great Easter craft for you and your kids.

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