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Call the fleecer, the woman is mad!

People say it is not news when dog bites man, but when a man bites a dog...believe it or not it happened!
The policemen were shocked when on call came to a house and found a dog that has bitten by its drunken owner.
States of Illinois Police arrested the girl because she was physically attacked and bites the family dog while intoxicated.
To be more precise, Analise Garner bites her bulldog Kingston with such force and "bloodthirsty", that the police had to intervene.
Neither Kingston remained innocent. The frightened dog returned its drunken owner, according to police, in self-defense.
"We will not raise any charges against the dog," said police sergeant Mike Smith, the local media.
Police investigation showed that the angry girl first began to bite her mother and then began to move to the dog so hard that her teeth broke his skin. The court ordered her to be 72 hours removed from home, write the U.S. media.
A dog that has suffered trauma and physical injuries is now, according to a veterinarian, feeling good and is in rehab, while its owner have to face charges of cruelty to animals.

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