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How did Da Vinci knew this?

In the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace in London is the largest and most impressive exhibition of anatomical drawings of Leonardo da Vinci in history.

Experts who have had the opportunity to examine his papers claim that the drawings were a great artist and universal genius, who died in 1519th year, for its precision were hundreds of years ahead of its time, and that in some respects may even contribute to our present understanding of the human body.

Experts in the field of clinical anatomy, such as Peter Ejbrahams, professor of anatomy at the University of Warwick in the UK, claim that Leonardo's work was at least 300 years ahead of its time, and that in some aspects of his drawings even better than what it offers Gray "Anatomy" of the 19th century.

A true step forward compared to what the Renaissance genius managed to achieve only with the help of hand-eye has been made only recently, with the help of digital technology.

Many drawings of Leonardo da Vinci - his studies of the skull, chest, bones and ligaments, in full, however, consistent with images obtained with the help of today's modern appliances such as x-ray and scanner. That is, by no means behind the modern two-dimensional images.

Drawings of famous artists to coincide with the most modern recordings that modern medicine can produce. However, there are also differences in relation to what modern medicine has discovered about the human body. Among the biggest mistakes is the one that shows the system reproduktvni women and pregnancy, the uterus and fetus in it.

Experts explain the fact that it is probably difficult to reach women's bodies, especially the corpse of a woman in advanced pregnancy, which the artist tried to make use of analogy with the anatomy of domestic animals, for example. cows, to which the drawings of these organs actually resemble. 

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