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Swiss psychiatrist jailed for kidnapping baby so she could 'reincarnate' her dead mother

On 18 October 2009, Constanta Albumel, 40, and her husband travelled 800 miles from their home in Zurich to the Romanian city of Timisoara, where they stole an infant from a local children's hospital, forging papers to say she was hers.

A doctor has been jailed for kidnapping a baby girl from Romania in a bizarre plot to ‘reincarnate’ her dead mother. A Swiss court has sentenced a deranged psychiatrist to three years.

The mother-of-two - who has Swiss citizenship but originally comes from Bucharest - allegedly became 'increasingly obsessed' with the idea of taking a baby girl from Romania' in order that her dead mother could be reincarnated.

Her husband, a technology expert for a Swiss bank, went along with the kidnap plan because she threatened to divorce him.

A judge jailed her for three years for her ‘crazy idea’ and gave her husband a suspended sentence.
The parents of the baby received £33,000 compensation after being reunited with her. 

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