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Bigfoot Spotted In Idaho?

A group of high school students believe they may have stumbled upon Bigfoot while in the Idaho wilderness for a class project.

The teenagers were in the woods near Mink Creek in Franklin County when they said they noticed a dark creature watching them from a ridge. Mysterious creature was caught on tape for a few seconds near Mink Creek before it retreated into the treeline.

The group then raced to the point they had seen the creature, and said they found a large foot imprint in the dirt and took a photograph of it. 

“It just didn’t look human-like. I don’t know what that is, it’s not a bear, it’s not a moose or anything. It was big and bulky and black,” said the student, who did not want to be identified on camera.
“I’m not going to say yes it was a Bigfoot or no it wasn’t, because I don’t know, and nobody knows,” the student told the news station.

Bigfoot is allegedly an ape-like creature said to inhabit forests mainly in the Northwest, but his existence has not been scientifically proven.

There have been scores of sightings, including in Spokane, Washington in May 2011, when a woman hiker captured a large figure on camera and uploaded the footage to YouTube.

The Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot will visit Pocatello, Idaho next month to investigate the claims that Bigfoot could be in the area.

See below for video:

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