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A crop circle before the earthquake and the eclipse of the sun in Italy

Last month, before the solar eclipse, there was a mysterious crop circle in the small town Bracciano, Bertinoro in Italy, reports, "Discovery News."

Earthquake, which occurred about 30 km from Bologna on 20th May, woke up a woman who has noticed circular spiral in the corn field. The circle has attracted the attention of self-styled experts on this phenomenon.

Some of them believe that this round of the spiral patterns is not accidental appeared just in time for the eclipse, and symbolically represents the process of the eclipse and the Sun and Earth. However, recent solar eclipse could be seen in Italy or elsewhere in Europe.

Mysterious circles from time to time appear in the meadows, fields of wheat, corn, oat fields around the world, and most of them are in England.

Many of them are made with such precision and detail, and many believe that this is not a human work, but "visitors from outer space."

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