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Ice cream with a flavor of absinthe and the holy water

The manufacturer of the controversial ice cream, made with human milk, has created a new flavor, a mixture of holy water and the absinthe.

Built in the shape of a gun, "Vice Lolly" consists of a quarter of 80-percent alcohol absinthe and the holy water from Lourdes in France. The green ice cream can only be purchased in London, and costs 18.58 pounds per piece.
Commercial for the ice cream is controversial as its flavor.

The price is set according to the 1858th year, when the Catholic Church declared sacred a source of water in Lourdes, as the 14-year-old girl had a vision of the Virgin Mary when she drink water from that source.
Absinthe is so strong that it was banned in England in Victorian times, a ban was lifted until 1998. year. Matt O'Connor, Mungos who made ice cream, it became known last year when he started selling ice cream made ​​with human milk. He hopes that the new ice cream cause similar controversy.
"I was born into a Catholic family and I wanted to say how I feel about religion. I took the traditional idea of ​​a children's ice cream, then I am completely innocent of anything left in the most provocative concept possible," said O'Connor.

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