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Outfit made ​​from wine

Have you ever thought that a dress could be made from wine? Think again!

Scientists from Western Australia have added bacteria in red wine to create a cotton-like substance from which they can make shirts, dresses, swimwear... Other alcohol can be used in place of red wine, including beer.

For getting this fabric is used a kind of non-pathogenic bacteria (acetobacter), which are added to wine to convert it into vinegar and a cream that floats on the surface. This layer is then harvested and dried on an inflatable doll to get the desired shape. When the mannequin is deflated the clothing remains. However, when the ensemble dries the fibres become like tissue paper, tearing easily and needs to be kept damp when worn.

The Bioalloy team are now hoping to partner up with other experts to find a way to strengthen the material, which they have named 'Micro be'. 

Lead researcher Gary Cass, collaborated with contemporary artist Donna Franklin to deisgn the womenswear range and believes fermented fashion could one day become mainstream.

With a little imagination, will and effort, it is expected that this newly developed material used in other disciplines such as medicine, dentistry or architecture, not only in fashion.

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I wonder if you spill water on it if it dissolves.

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