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A woman "got pregnant" with squid

A woman got pregnant with squid! Although it sounds absolutely incredible, the story is true, and published it in a scientific journal University Bethesda of Maryland. Scientists at the biotechnology department of the University gave an explanation of what happened and how it happened.

A woman (63) has experienced trauma while in a restaurant was eating squid, which was not removed from the sperm sac, when it is in her mouth infested 12 spermatophores of this animal.

Science magazine explains that the woman, after a fatal bite in several places in the mouth felt a sharp pain that was actually the result of a "climax" of the remaining bodies.

The doctors removed from her mouth spermatophores that she received through a special membrane to the language, the inside of the cheek and gums. Fortunately, the woman has not swallowed part of the uncleaned squid, immediately spit it.

A similar case was reported in Japan last year, when the woman also bit into a bag of sperm in raw squid, and afterwards felt a sharp pain in the mouth. She was took with her the remaining of squid in which they found bags of sperm at the hospital .

This kind incidents, in which people may happen that their mouths literally stay "pregnant" from the sperm of seafood, are mainly confined to the Far East, where it is common custom to eat raw fish. In the West, all internal organs are removed during the preparation stage so there is no such risk.

Researchers who published the paper explained that there is no danger of such impregnation spermatophores on the skin of people, because it is too thick to receive it. One of the authors of the paper has led that the she was ejaculated by the hands of hundreds of spermatophores, but never felt any sting.

Reproduction of deep-sea squid is still subject of research because scientists find it difficult to get to their habitat. It is known that the spermatophores are implanted in a female with male hektokotil, that is a separate tentacle, and receive it on the skin or muscle.

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