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The world's most expensive USB

Swiss company "Shawish" presented another luxurious and expensive creation, the world's most expensive USB flash drive that is part of the ultra luxury collection ''Magic Mushroom collection."

This is an incredible detail for those who care where their data is stored and a reminder that high technology and luxury make it an excellent duo. Sparkling jewels across the USB weighs a total of 9.18 of cards, while Ruby is 11.34 cards weight, and the sapphire 11.34 cards. 

The price of this exclusive product depends on the type of stone and materials, and its capacity is 32 GB.
''Magic Mushroom USB key'' made ​​of white gold, emeralds and white diamonds is 36,900 U.S. $, of yellow gold diamond and ruby ​​price is 24 400 U.S. $ and usb plated pink sapphires and white diamonds worth 16 500 U.S. $.


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