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Russian doctor operated on himself!

When Soviets are building a new base at the North Pole, in 1961., they assigned only one doctor to a twelve-member team, not counting on himself can get sick to.

Lovers of the series "Only Fools and Horses" remember the storie that Rodney told Cassandra about his brother Derek, who is so afraid that the doctor : When his former fiancée stabbed him with a knife, Derek refused to go to the doctor and himself sewed the wound.

Rambo fans will remember their hero from the third part of the popular trilogy, a character played by legendary Slaj when with a hot military knife he removed a bullet from the wound itself, and himself stitched the wound.

However, even Rambo is completely overshadowed by this Russian doctor. What is it about?

Leonid Rogozov, Russian doctor who operated on himself!
In 1961, the Soviet team of twelve members built a new base in Antarctica. However, for all these long months they spent trapped at temperatures familiar with absolute zero, the organizers of this project have given the team only one doctor, Leonid Rogozov.

The 12 men inside were cut off from the outside world by the polar winter by March of that year. In April, the 27-year-old Rogozov began to feel ill, very ill. His symptoms were classic: he had acute appendicitis and he was forced to operate - himself. Simply, there was no one else. However, his colleagues made ​​sure that this amazing enterprise be recorded with a camera and thus remembered.

By the way - he had successfully carried out the operation.

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