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The World's Smelliest Man: this man has not bathed in over 38 years!

The world's smelliest man is Indian, Kailash Singh (66) who did not bathe in over 38 years. He listened to the priest's advice back in 1974., that would have a son if stop to take a bath!
Today he has seven daughters and still not giving up on a given testament.

More precisely, the priest has guarantee him a son if he stop to take a bath and to cut his hair.
- He said he would rather die than take a bath and that the only son could force him to change his opinion. It's been so many years that I have already got used to it, says wife Kalavati Devi.

Make no mistake, Kailash is still "cares about personal hygiene." Every night he performs "fire bath" to resolve the odor. His bath form includes smoking marijuana, including a prayer to God Shiva and dancing around the fire. He claims that in this way solves the stench, but his family and neighbors is absolutely disagree with that. 

Although the priest's advice was obviously not good, this man still refuses to bathe, and only son could force him to change his opinion. Of course, it is unlikely that they will have another child, given that his wife is now sixty years old. 

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