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Unsuccessful test of hypersonic jet plane

U.S. military says that U.S. unmanned experimental spacecraft failed to achieve the planned rate six times greater than the speed of sound.
Hypersonic jet plane X-51 WaveRider was supposed to reach speeds of six Mach, or 5800 km / h when it was launched bomber B-52 off the coast of southern California. 

U.S. Air Force reported that due to errors in controlling the direction of X-51 WaveRider is lost in the Pacific.
"It is unfortunate that the problem with this subsystem caused the end before we could turn on the jet engine," said Charlie Brink of the research laboratories of the U.S. Air Force.
X-51 WaveRider successfully separated from the B-52 and launched the rocket engine after which it was supposed to be activated by a jet engine in order to reach a speed of six Mach. A control of a jet was lost 15 seconds later.

The U.S. Department of Defense tries supersonic technology to make missiles that could to arrive at any point on Earth in a few minutes.
U.S. Air Force was left with only one jet, X-51 WaveRider, but not decided whether it will be the flight test.

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