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Scientists are getting closer to the solution of the mystery of invisibility

Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas is one step closer to creating an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter in a movie, using carbon nanotubes (carbon nanotubes - CNT).

CNT has unique properties, such as air density and the strength of steel. They were the subject of constant study and placed into operation in numerous applications. His exceptional ability to conduct heat and transmit it to the surrounding area makes it an ideal material to be used for so-called "Mirage effect", which you can see in the deserts.

Block of lined highly transparent carbon nanotube are heated to high temperatures, with electrical stimulation. They then have the ability to transfer that heat to its surroundings, causing sharp temperature gradation.

Like a mirage, the sudden change in temperature makes light rays to bend around an object by hiding what is behind devices, making it invisible.

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