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Amazing lists of incredible things!

An ultrasound pictures of Jesus, Alien, Michael Jackson...

These incredible photos were taken by ultrasound and show how the human brain can play with imagination!

A close encounter with a doctor. British couple Scott and Larissa Din were shocked when on the ultrasound instead their baby saw an alien.

Kenneth Nikki (21) has just left the hospital with a picture of their unborn baby, when she realized that resembles Jesus. The girl from Glasgow, said that her boyfriend noticed the similarity.

A little John-Paul Daily, who is now 18 months looked like aliens on his ultrasound images when he was 12 weeks. His mother, Annemarie added: "It looks as if he were addressing the camera.'ll Show him snapshot when he is older."

Charlene Seel (19) was shocked when she saw a picture her child that contained a lamb or something that looked like a dog. "The nurse told me that she saw this picture before, and that the woman gave birth to twins," says Charlene.

Future mother remained shocked when on the ultrasound of her unborn baby, she saw a face of a man who resembling an alien?

I mean, you can imagine how surprised parents-to-be Dawn Kelley and William Hickman were to discover Jacko in their ultrasound! Such a prankster, that Michael. From Man in the Mirror to Man In-Utero.

As we can see, aliens are those who prefer to have picture with an unborn!

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Girl makes portraits of chewing gum

Ukrainian artist Anna Sofia Matveyeva first chews gums, then sorts them by color and then heats them up in the microwave.

Her best works are portraits of Steve Jobs and Elton John. For portrait of Steve Jobs it was necessary over 1000 chewing gums while for a portrait of Elton John "only" 250 chewing gums.
Matveyeva currently creating a portrait of Mircea Lucescu, a manager of FC Shakhtar, for which, according to estimates, it will also be necessary 250 chewing gums.  
"Chewing gum is not only use as a material, it represents some sort of symbol," says Matveyeva.
For creating a portrait she needs about ten days, while Steve Jobs portrait was making over three weeks. Each portrait weighs about five pounds, and Matveyeva hopes soon she will make her first exhibition. 

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HORROR LIVE: Mysterious ghost hole in Croatia

A mysterious hole swallowed a concrete pillar in Imotski, Croatia. As stated by the locals, they may hear strange noises for which they believe are ghosts.

The newly mysterious hole, 2.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep, engulfed the concrete pillar, in Poljica near Imotski. As stated by the locals, from the holes are Strange sounds in believing that they are ghosts.

Strange holes in Croatia have so far opened in Drnis, Istria and Zadar, and so far engulfed one man. A new hole in the ground first noticed a local woman who tended sheep nearby. The villagers do not remember that the land collapsed so suddenly on the meadow, where people planted vines for years.

Repeated opening of holes in the ground in Croatia and in the world, as experts explain is natural phenomena, but also the impact of man on the environment.

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